Here's me!I created Blinxx in October 2010, and the inspiration came from one of my other interests, doll customising.  I had laid a tiny pair of false eyelashes on the table ready to glue, and immediately I envisioned a character with enormous eyelashes staring back at me.  From then on I worked on the character in a variety of different ways, and ended up with a cute girl who could wear any style she pleased!  Her body proportions were influenced by manga chibi characters that I’ve always loved and been inspired by.

Fashion illustration is typically a very sophisticated and serious affair, and I wanted to bring some fun into fashion with the Blinxx girls.  Fashion to me is a wonderful thing. It can make you feel great and give you a way to express your individuality to the world.  I love observing people’s sense of style and the way they express themselves through the outfits they wear.

I hope you will enjoy the Blinxx girls endless styles as much as I’ve enjoyed drawing them!

Please get in contact as I’d love to hear from you.

(PS – In case you’re wondering, the Blinxx featured here is wearing my usual studio attire – J Crew sweater, House of Holland jeans, Converse trainers, Tokidoki necklace and Beats by Dre headphones which feed me music all day long…)

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  1. She is amazing! I love her.. And the purple converse trainers… 💜💜💜! Your talent is amazing!!

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