6%DOKIDOKI shop girls Vani and Yuka show the world kawaii style!

Shop girl Yuka from 6%DOKIDOKI has super kawaii girl style!  She wears a lot of pink and pastel colours from 6% DOKIDOKI and accessorises with bows, ribbons, lollipops and candy coloured jewellery.  Her hair is usually dyed pink or purple and is accessorised with bows and heart hair clips.  Yuka’s Blinxx wears a pink unicorn T-shirt, pink fishnet top, ballerina layered skirt and fabulous rainbow unicorn tights, all from 6%DOKIDOKI.

6%DOKIDOKI Yuka shop girlShop girl Vani takes 6%DOKIDOKI and gives it a punkier edge.  Her clothes usually incorporate black and bold colours, and her hair is dyed all colours of the rainbow!  She accessorises her hair with stars and bows.  Her Blinxx wears wears a blue unicorn dress, yellow cardigan, pink bow and silver belts, and holed pink leggings, all 6%DOKIDOKI.

6%DOKIDOKI Vani shop girl

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